Proform Elliptical Trainer Review

While there a many makes and models of home gym equipment, Proform elliptical trainers stand out. I did a little research and it revealed that Proform elliptical trainers have been in this market since its beginnings. But they are also some of the most economical choices that families can make to get a home health center up and running.

One of the biggest manufacturers of home gym equipment in the world is ICON Health and Fitness. ICON owns the Proform brand and they put their clout and expertise behind manufacturing the Proform elliptical trainer. This model fits a nice niche in their marketing program because Proform elliptical trainers are both quite affordable for the average family while providing lots of great workout resources that are not available in competitor models of elliptical trainers.

Over the last few years, the production standards of Proform elliptical machine have made them a trusted brand as is reflected in a lot of positive customer feedback. Along with affordability and reliability, the Proform elliptical line is so diverse that you can find a model that fits your budget and your exercise needs. Just a few of the advantages that are offered by the Proform elliptical line of products includes:

  • Unlike many ellipticals, Proform elliptical machine provide a total body workout. The machine’s upper body arms give the arms, shoulders and back a good workout as the lower body gets a vigorous exercise session as well.
  • The Proform elliptical can be adapted so that anyone in the family can use it because of the adjustable stride length feature of the unit. This feature also allows the user to focus his or her workout on a specific lower body muscle group for targeted workouts.
  • The Proform elliptical can be folded up and put away when you don’t want it in the way. This is common in other kinds of home gym equipment but not a common feature in elliptical equipment.
  • The Proform elliptical trainer can accommodate automated workout programs like the iFit card system, which can be used on the Proform elliptical machine card reader system. The machine will even respond to the iFit exercise requirements by automatically adjusting your pace, slope and resistance so you stay on track with the program to meet your fitness objectives
  • There are plenty of workout tracking tools on the Proform elliptical which will help you monitor your progress both during and after your exercise session

Summary of Proform Elliptical Trainer Review

The vast range of The Proform elliptical trainers means that they are a perfect fit to the home gym market. A family can find just the right level of expense and exercise potential in the Proform elliptical line of products.

Along with the strong ICON and Proform product names to back up the purchase, the warranty offered with the Proform elliptical is one of the best elliptical brands in the industry. That makes The Proform elliptical a great fit for many people who want to get a consistent exercise program going using a home gym set up.

Brand Highlights

  • Touchscreen consoles with web browsers plus the option to use your own mobile device as a secondary display; iPod compatible speakers; wireless telemetry; a two-speed fan and other advanced features on select models
  • Customizable performance features including stride length, incline and resistance
  • Incline options including manual and power-adjustable systems for workouts that keep your mind and muscles engaged
  • Moving handlebars to support total body training
  • Workout program diversity including generous preset program menus plus the option to integrate iFit Coach for unlimited personal training support and interactive workouts
  • Steel frames with lifetime warranties
  • Competitive warranties on the higher-end models, including five or six years on parts and electronics

Brand Lowlights

  • iFit Coach expense required to access the most engaging workouts designed for these trainers
  • Quality control is inconsistent; shoppers report that ProForm equipment doesn’t always arrive with perfect parts, and getting replacements could take awhile
  • Warranties on the low-budget models are a poor match for the purchase price compared with buyer protections in the higher price tiers

Bottom Line

ProForm builds home elliptical machines that not only train but also entertain. The top models have integrated web browsers, and every unit has a tablet holder and speakers for your favorite workout music. Each can be used with iFit Coach too, so you can literally have a new workout plan every day. With varied strides and incline levels too, it’s easy to avoid a rut and stay on track toward fitness goals.

Keep in mind that the resistance systems on ProForm ellipticals vary significantly, as do the warranties… but if you make careful comparisons, you can probably find a machine with just the right combo of power, durability and price for your preferences.

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